Tuesday, October 7, 2008

sobering up

I think I’m realizing that I may be too critical of western culture. I’m going to try to change my angle of thinking from “this is why our culture is failing” to “this is why our culture is failing me.” Maybe it will be true for other people too, but I can’t believe that it is true for everyone. I’ve been critical of a system that doesn’t work for me, without realizing that it might be because it doesn’t work for me. I always try to make my ideas objective, and view things from an outside perspective, but I have to accept and recognize that that’s really not possible.

I will still try to see from a bird’s eye view, but at the same time I will recognize that every bird eventually comes home to rest on the ground and has his own experiences which affect his view. This bird’s eye view idea has been a convenient way for me to avoid thinking about my own home on the shore, which could use some sorting out. As I have neither the merit nor a healthy motive to think so holistically, I’m going to try harder to remember my own subjectivity.

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